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This is a full and complete Silverlight Business Application to propagate the awesome power of Silverlight for the creation of Enterprise Applications,


  •  Silverlight 5
  •  Ria Servicces SP2
  •  Entity Framewerk 4.2
  • Designer or Mock data,  Blend or VS can see data without the need to run the app
  •  LinQ
  •  C#
  •  MvvM , yes we use MVVM all over the place. basically recreated the Microsoft Kung Fu MVVM Implementation.
  •  Telerik, necessary for the DataGrid that facilitates the MVVM implementation of the Tooltip (On Row-loaded event)
  •   On the Web.Config you will see 3 ways of connecting to the SQL Server.

I have a live demo here

I created the following video to illustrate the pattern

Video Link


Main Home Page





DataGid has a Tooltip linked to the RowLoaded event.

So when the user hover the mouse on any row a tooltip is displayed




Add New Child Window


Child Windows where the Selected Patient info can be changed




The buttons on the right will lead to pages like this one

  • After selecting a patient, the end user can click on any of the related entities, for example in this case is the Consultations for that patient
  • There is a Grid, that hold the Collections of Consultations the selected patient has, . The Grid is bound to the collection
  • The TextBoxes, ChechBoxes, DataPickers, etc are bound to the current Consultation




Here is the CRUD..

The Buttons use the RelayCommand inside the View Model




This is how the Code behind looks like, because all the logic is inside the ViewModel





Inside the XAML, is where the ViewModel is set, so all properties are accessible






The Busy Indictor is there for all pages, controls and Child Windows, and bound to the IsBusy


please continue on the Documentation Tab


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